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Location:Virginia, United States of America
I am well over the age of 18. I have been for many, many years.

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absinthe, anita blake, art, bakeries, barrons, baseball, bette davis, billy idol, bowie, brian molko, british history, bruno, buffy the vampire slayer, canis major the constellation, chai tea, chicagoland vampire series, chloe neill, classic rock, cooking, cows, different cultures, dogs, dr. who, draco malfoy, dragon cave, edvard munch, ethan, fanfiction, fever series, firefly, flowers, frankenfurter, gary oldman, gay men, gay rights, goth, grey eyes, gypsies, harleys, harry potter, horror novels, it gets better, italian men, jammies, jason giambi, joe dimaggio, john barrowman, john wilmot, johnny depp, jonathan rhys meyers, kai, karen marie moning, karma, kings and queens, led zepplin, legolas, lestat, lexx, long haired men, mac, manfred mann, manfred mann's earth band, mashed potatoes, merit, michael mcmanus, mmeb, motorcycles, movies, mozzarella cheese, my computer, napping, native americans, navel rings, new york city, new york yankees, night, nipple rings, oreos, pepsi, pittsburgh, pittsburgh steelers, punk, rainy days, reading, robert plant, robert risko, rock and roll, rocky horror picture show, scary movies, sci-fi, sirius black, sirius blacks wand, snow angels, spike, starry nights, staying at home, steeler nation, stephen king, stevie ray vaughan, the dog star, the libertine, the ocean, the ramones, the scream, tim curry, tolkien, torchwood, trees, troy polamalu, twilight, twilight end of day, vampires, velvet goldmine, viggo mortenson, warhol, watching clouds go by, wicked, wicked and truth
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